Virtual Maintenance Training

A new solution to train maintenance personnel

With a growing complexity in equipment, industrial or military operators need to pay more attention to the training of maintenance technicians. The classical way to perform maintenance training is to use real equipment, an approach that is becoming cost-prohibitive and dangerous.

The cost considered is not only related to the fact that the equipment must be taken out of service when it could be undertaking its prime role, but also the cost of rectifying any damage done by the students and the cost associated with the preparation to the return to service.

AGUERIS VMT (Virtual Maintenance Trainer) is a computer-based 3D training solution for maintenance personnel. Through a strategic partnership with DISTI, the world’s leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions, AGUERIS has developed an interactive virtual training system which has the capability to deliver training content to different devices such as desktops, tablets and virtual or augmented reality devices.

VMT Benefits

Immediate Return on Investment

The main economic and operational benefits of AGUERIS VMT approach are the following

  • Operational availability: no disruption of the availability of the equipment, since real equipment is only used in conjunction with augmented reality based approach for maintaining the know-how. Especially, there is no degradation or disassembly of operational systems required.
  • Increased student throughput: The system is always available to the student. There is no requirement for the real system to be available.
  • Safe training environment - students cannot damage the equipment and can learn to perform their task in a potentially harmful working environment without taking any risk
  • Lower costs since spares, repairs, and degradations of frequently used equipment need not to be accounted for. In addition, the faults that can be injected in the synthetic system include complex procedures that would be hard to replicate on real equipment without causing serious damage.
  • Rich educational environment through the use of advanced instructor stations for control, monitoring and assessment. In addition, scenarii can be diversely configured: Using a virtual maintenance training system, the instructor is able to quickly reconfigure the training simulation to any number of concurrent operational tasks

AGUERIS Virtual Maintenance Trainer 

Virtual maintenance training compliments and enhances existing training. AGUERIS Virtual Maintenance Trainer is a computer-based training solution allowing maintenance personnel to train on processes and procedures either under instructor supervision or in self-training mode, without having to worry about equipment availability. The solution avoids degradation risk on real equipment and facilitates training on rare and/or complex procedures.

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