Optimize critical systems availability through virtual maintenance training

Agueris VMT

Agueris VMT is a new solution to train maintenance personnel at the right level. Through an intuitive GUI, the system offers a training course for each procedure, and specific monitoring and assessment tools allowing to optimize training efficiency.

Through a strategic partnership with DISTI – a world leading provider of 3D virtual training solutions, AGUERIS has the capability to deliver training content to different devices such as desktops, tablets and virtual reality devices, without having to redevelop content for each device, thus reducing the time and cost it takes to develop a training solution by half compared with conventional methods.

This unique database-driven approach optimizes developing and managing content, training procedures and content delivery to multiple types of interfaces to provide customers with immersive training experiences at the highest level of quality and flexibility.

The Agueris VMT allows self-training, assessment, classroom training, nomadic training. The software can be implanted on tablets, standard workstations, or a specific station developed by Agueris. The VMT is powered by VE Studio by DISTI