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AGUERIS ensures the design, development, building and maintenance of training simulators. Those simulators use several sofware technologies:

- 3D real time visualisation

- vehicles physical simulation

- tactical environment generation

- Artificial Intelligence

- Communication protocol

- synthetic map modelling

- IHM / graphic interface

Job description

The main mission of the Software development engineer is the development of Software applications and their integration in the frame of the projects and R&D development activity of the company.

He participates actively in all phasis of project development and R&D activities. He is part of the development team, and reports to the Technical Director of the company. He is involved in missions of technology intelligence in order to anticipate and prepare the future solutions, products and services of AGUERIS.

Required profile

 To hold an engineering degree, French BAC + 5 level or equivalent in software domain

- Good level in object oriented software development and C++ language

- Good knowledge of development environments like Visual Studio

- Good knowledge of versioning management tools like Git

- Good knowledge of Linux and Windows

- know-how about 3D visualisation API, Javascript, Python, Lua or IHM Qt would be appreciated

- Result oriented

- Team spirit and autonomy

- Fluent in English

- ability to write clear documents

- Positive and pro-active attitude

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